Musicians performing outdoors in Breckenridge


Returns & Exchanges

Lost Tickets

For misplaced tickets, please call 970.453.3187 or visit the River Walk Center Box Office during the summer. We are happy to print replacement tickets or email them to you again.


We are extremely appreciative when patrons return tickets prior to any concert, and will provide an acknowledgement of the donation for tax-deductions. We do not issue refunds for tickets.

Concert Etiquette ​


Breckenridge Music Festival concerts have a casual and welcoming atmosphere reflective of our mountain setting. There is no dress code and formal wear is not required. Most concertgoers wear casual attire, though some take the opportunity to dress up.


The custom in America’s symphony halls is to wait until the end of a piece of music until you clap, rather than in between movements. Follow the the Program Book, which shows the movements for each piece. There is usually a 15-to-30-second pause between movements, which is where confusion about clapping usually occurs. If you are not quite sure if a piece is entirely over, simply follow the rest of the audience’s lead.


Please silence cell phones and other devices prior to the start of the concert. Further, kindly unwrap all food or beverage items so as to minimize noise during the music.


Late arrivals are permitted into the venue only between movements or between pieces. If you arrive late, you may listen and watch the concert in the back of the venue until ushers begin late seating.


Photography and recording of any kind is prohibited.


Children of all ages are encouraged to attend Breck Music Free Family Concerts. For other subscription events, children aged four and older are invited to attend for free.

Introducing The


Breckenridge Music takes concerts outside, on the road and into your neighborhood with its new mobile stage, the Breck Music AirStage.

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