Audience attends an event for Breckenridge Music

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We serve the community through Applause, a committed group of individual supporters who invest in our diverse educational programming and outreach activities, and who receive special recognition, benefit and access.

In partnership with our Applause supporters, Breck Music is creative experiences for everyone enhancing the quality of life for residents and quality of place for visitors.

Give Now

Breck Music is where the Music meets the Mountains, and with your support we are:

  • A community for Artists and Artistry: Breck Music delivers musical performances and experience unlike any other, which entertains, inspires and educates audiences of all ages.
  • We Entertain, Connect and Inspire with Music, Creativity and Experience.
  • A center for Education for Everyone: Breck Music boasts an educational program, unparalleled in size and scope among peer Festivals, providing opportunities for preschoolers, school children, and life-long learners.
  • A destination of Culture for Breckenridge and our Region: As the region’s only year-round presenting arts organization, we are uniquely equipped to bring the passion, excitement, and power of music to a very special community.

Your generous tax-deductible contribution to Breckenridge Music supports a proven non-profit organization that provides year-round arts education to area schools, fosters collaboration and the creative work of today’s professional artists, impacts Breckenridge’s economy and projects our community as one of the country’s most vibrant arts destinations.

What’s in it for members?

Applause supporters receive meaningful access and benefits though annual gifts including:

  • Invitations to mingle with the Artists and Musicians of Breck Music performances
  • PRIORITY reserved seating for Breck Music Presents performances – get the best seats with your ticket reservation!
  • BOX OFFICE CONSIERGE service and ticketing assistance – a friendly face to assist with special ticket requests and changes
  • MEANINGFUL support of Community – an inspired way to support ARTISTS and ARTISTRY at Breck Music