Only 26% of revenue comes from ticket sales, so Breck Music relies upon contributions from individuals, foundations and corporate sponsorships to cover annual expenses.

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Your generous tax-deductible contribution to Breckenridge Music supports a proven non-profit organization that provides year-round arts education to area schools, fosters collaboration and the creative work of today’s professional artists, impacts Breckenridge’s economy and projects our community as one of the country’s most vibrant arts destinations. Breckenridge Music has evolved significantly since its founding in 1981, presenting increasingly diverse talent to reflect the evolving interests of our community and enhancing the quality of life in Summit County. These outcomes originate from a strong network of supporters who believe in the organization’s stability and stand behind its mission. We invite you to support the steady growth of arts and culture in Summit County and join us in presenting a world of music!

Your Gift Connects…


to music assemblies, artist residencies, masterclasses and workshops—opportunities otherwise unavailable in our rural community


to timeless performances with accessible ticket prices, typically 30% lower than neighboring markets


to the resources required to plan and deliver professional performance experiences with expert musicians and to execute our organizational strategy


to a community of discovery and comradery through music

Your Gift Makes a Difference

70+ Events held annually with…

15k People reached including…

4k Students in Summit, Lake & Park counties

50% of Breckenridge Music’s roughly $1 million operating costs is provided by donors