Summer Campaign

Summer Campaign

A campaign to support year-round Breck Music Education programs and free community events.

Our Vision
A community where everyone discovers, experiences, values and is connected by the power of music.

Our Mission
To present diverse and high-quality live music performances and broad-based community music education.

Our Impact
Founded in 1981, Breckenridge Music impacts the community by improving the quality of life for Summit County residents and visitors, increasing access to the arts, fostering a deeper understanding of music for all ages and contributing to a robust Breckenridge economy. The non-profit organization serves approximately 15,000 people each year through its three core programs: Breckenridge Music Festival, Breck Music Education and Breck Music Presents.

Summer Campaign
Summer Campaign

Music isn’t just a spectator sport. It’s a way of life.

Our job is to help build a culture of music in Summit County, and we need your help. Breck Music’s summer campaign, Music for Life, Music for Locals, supports a new programming strategy to achieve this lofty goal: fulfill key community needs by connecting local performing musicians, local kids, local teachers and local audiences in regular, recurrent music-based experiences.

In 2019, we piloted this strategy in designing a number of free community events and in-school education programs to great success. For example:

Middle School Honors String Ensembles
Local teaching artists lead weekly chamber music coaching sessions with promising young string students. The 18-week program culminates in a mini-concert adjacent to a Breck Music performance featuring national talent.

Summer Campaign
Help us reach our goal of $65,000

Make a gift today and help grow our in-school honors program and expand community events like the Acoustic Flow and Tiny Porch series into a regular year-round schedule. With your help we can build a community where everyone discovers, experiences, values and is connected by the power of music.