Composer in Residence

Composer in Residence

Under the artistic direction of Steven Schick, newly composed music has become an integral part of the Festival’s repertoire. Each summer a living composer is selected to visit Breckenridge and have her work featured on chamber and orchestra performances. The opportunity to interact with and get to know a composer of a particular piece of music provides both audiences and musicians a unique perspective on its performance, one which also offers valuable learning for the composer.

This program is generously underwritten by Paul Finkel & Barbara Strauss.

Max Wolpert playing the fiddle
Max Wolpert

2019 Composer in Residence

Fiddler, composer, and storyteller Max Wolpert conjures up monsters and myth where the traditional, classical, and theatrical meet.

Drawing from tradition both musical and mythological, Max Wolpert makes music inspired by stories from around the world. Whether built upon the verve and bounce of an Irish jig, the endearing asymmetry of a Welsh pipe tune, or the drive of a Virginian breakdown, Max’s pieces are crafted with taut detail and a flair for the dramatic honed over years as a pit musician, conductor, and orchestrator for theatrical productions.

Max is dedicated to music education and a passionate advocate for new music. He teaches privately and at workshops throughout New England and the Midwest, and serves on the faculty for the Rocky Ridge Music Academy and Mountainside Music Academy. Max encourages his students and collaborators to explore stories and traditions that spark the imagination, and to bring forth the outlandish, the macabre, and the magic inherent in music.

Hear Max’s work on Saturday, August 3 or on a Tiny Porch.