Family Concert

Breckenridge Music Festival

Family Concert

The Okee Dokee Brothers

Bluegrass, Folk


July 25

Jul 25


Riverwalk Center

$5 Suggested Donation

Watch the kids… sing like they sing.

Woody Guthrie

As childhood friends growing up in Denver, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors: rafting down their neighborhood creek, taking long bike rides into the country or discovering hiking trails through the Rocky Mountains. Now, as the GRAMMY-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, Joe and Justin have built a plaid-shirted national following with their outdoor adventure-themed albums - Can You Canoe?, Through The Woods, Saddle Up and Winterland.

But whether it’s indoors or out, the Okee Dokee Brothers believe that as long as folks are singing together there’s a glimpse of hope for our world. They’ll share old favorites as well as brand new tunes from their forthcoming album, Songs for Singin’ and invite everyone to join the chorus and sing along. “So sing to the sunrise and sing to the moon,” the Brothers say. “Sing with your kids and sing with your neighbors. Sometimes it just takes singing a song with one another to remind us that we’re all family.”