Tiny Porch Series

Breckenridge Music Festival

Tiny Porch Series

Indigenous Music of Colorado


August 7

Aug 7


Edwin Carter Museum

Short Pieces, Tall Tales & A Glass Of Lemonade

Set in charming historic properties throughout Breckenridge and hosted by Artistic Director & Conductor Steven Schick, these casual outdoor mini-events mix storytelling with original music and friendly conversation. Bring your own chair!

Leon Joseph Littlebird (Arr. Max Wolpert)

Meeting Place

Tiny Porch Series
Leon Joseph Littlebird Multi-instrumentalist & Storyteller

Leon Joseph Littlebird is a beloved Summit County local, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller. His performances combine acoustic guitar, native flutes and percussion with warm and powerful vocals. Leon has performed on world-class stages all over the nation, including 17 shows with the Boston Revels, 8 concerts for Harmony at Mayo, soloist with Chicago’s West Suburban Symphony. He has collaborated with violinist Charles Wetherbee on commissions for the Carpe Diem String Quartet. He has also been featured on NPR Boston, Rocky Mountain PBS and in numerous radio, TV and magazine interviews.

Leon embodies the spirit of Colorado. With roots in both pioneer and native cultures he understands the magic of the mountains and the South West. His great grandfather was one of the original settlers in Blackhawk Colorado, and his great-uncle was a classical composer and performer in Silver Plume and Georgetown. This connection to the rich history of Colorado comes through in Leon’s music. A prolific songwriter and performer, his unique style tells tales of Colorado and the people of the west.

Max Wolpert playing the fiddle
Max Wolpert composer-in-residence

Barbara Strauss and Paul Finkel Composer-in-Residence

Fiddler, composer, and storyteller Max Wolpert conjures up monsters and myth where the traditional, classical, and theatrical meet. Whether built upon the verve and bounce of an Irish jig, the endearing asymmetry of a Welsh pipe tune, or the drive of a Virginian breakdown, Max’s pieces are crafted with taut detail and a flair for the dramatic honed over years as a pit musician, conductor, and orchestrator for theatrical productions. Max’s work has been performed by the Colorado Symphony, Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra, Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, and Musique sur la Mer Chamber Orchestra. His music appears on Naxos Records and Yellow Sound Label. To learn more, please visit www.maxwolpertmusic.com

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