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Breckenridge Music Festival

Champagne Concert

Gasperut Home



August 4

Aug 4


Gasperut Home

Chamber music was an art form originally enjoyed in the home, and the homes of our gracious Summit County hosts offer the listener a front-row seat to become immersed in the interplay of musical lines and discover the individual personalities of the players. Champagne concerts are offered as both evening and as brunch events. The intimate settings, the music prefaced by brunch or hors d’oeuvres and champagne followed by dessert, and the chance to meet the performers in person, are often mentioned as highlights of their festival experiences by concert guests.

Francesco Geminiani

Sonata for 2 cellos, Op. 5 

Luigi Boccherini

Musica notturna della strade di Madrid, Op. 30 No. 6


Sarah Kirkland Snider

The Reserved, The Reticent

Erwin Schulhoff

Five Pieces for String Quartet

  1. Alla Valse Viennese
  2. Alla Serenata
  3. Alla Czeca
  4. Alla Tango Milonga
  5. Alla Tarantella

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